Our Work

Here are some non-profit organizations and grass-root projects who have worked with.

Appalachian Stewardship Foundation

ASF was created as a result of a settlement with Longview Power that set up a mitigation fund to correct the damage to the environment caused by the mining and burning of coal. The organization's vision is for environmental values to lead our energy future: clean streams, clear skies, and stable climate with the energy we need. ASF will accomplish this by funding innovative projects that remedy or mitigate impacts of energy development in Appalachia by: 1) Reducing greenhouse gases 2) Restoring stream and fisheries; and 3) Promoting public awareness

Probonafide team came on board to help give ASF an online presence to spread awareness of ASF's mission, funding opportunities, and environmental issues. The main objectives of the site redesign is to create a clear and intuitive organization of site content (Information Architecture), establish cohesive visual design, and incorporate a CMS for ease of client updates.

Services rendered:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • CMS/Wordpress Integration

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