Our Work

Here are some non-profit organizations and grass-root projects who have worked with.

Priestley Charter School of Architecture + Construction

Priestley is an open-enrollment charter high school founded in Post-Katrina New Orleans. The school and faculty work to help students focus on architecture and design in addition to strong academic remediation programs. When Jared Hueter, Dean of Design, contacted Probonafide for help with their web presence for the coming year, we were touched by their story and mission. The school serves as a community, providing young people with academic, vocational, social and leadership skills.

Probonafide was happy to redesign Priestley website to reflect their educational community focused on design, project based learning and rigorous academics. Our objective was create a coherent visual language that is professional, modern and fresh - a web presences that exhibit the school's successes despite their challenges. We hope the new website will assist the school in securing funding for operational costs and special projects. We wish them much success.

Services rendered:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • CMS Intergration